How Office Cleaning Affects Employee Morale

Jani-King Office Cleaning

Jani-King Office Cleaning

What’s the best way to motivate employees? Some might point to monetary rewards. Others might stress managements’ role in encouraging, developing and sharing feedback. At the core of seeking opportunities to motivate employees is finding ways to show that they are valued. With that in mind, how many people would name cleanliness in the workplace as an important motivating factor?

Cleanliness fosters a healthy work environment. Shampooing carpets and upholstery enhances air quality. Sanitizing restrooms, kitchens and desks eliminates the spread of germs. Applying green cleaning solutions eradicates the health hazards associated with toxic cleaning products. Employees who work in healthy indoor environments take fewer sick days. Studies also point to a clear link between office cleaning and employee productivity. When people feel good, do they feel more motivated?

Cleanliness can also influence employee satisfaction. Poor office cleaning standards detract from a positive environment. Dust lines beneath doorways may lead employees to question the last time the office received a good vacuuming. A community fridge filled with food and drink stains hardly encourages people to take advantage of the opportunity to pack their lunch. Dusty window ledges take away from the perk of having a view to the outdoors. How much do small office cleaning details affect employee motivation?

Cleanliness has an impact on employee health and overall workplace satisfaction. Many people might even point to office cleaning as an investment in employee motivation. Businesses earnest about establishing and maintaining high levels of cleanliness depend on commercial cleaning companies. Professional cleaning specialists employ the right products and tools to meet the needs of each office space. The goal is to deliver the commercial cleaning industry’s best practices to the workplace. In the end, how much do the best practices in office cleaning influence employee motivation?

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