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A Deep Clean Isn’t Just For Spring: Quality Cleaning Services All Year Long

quality cleaning services jani king“Spring Cleaning” is a common term for the annual hustle and bustle of households and businesses scrambling to get their indoor spaces clean and tidy during the months of spring. After long winter months bundled up indoors, spring cleaning comes as the perfect opportunity to get a fresh start before the social festivities and fun of the coming summer months. While the unofficial annual tradition of spring cleaning continues to be popular across the country, it’s important for businesses and commercial spaces to remember the importance of maintaining a clean and hygienic facility all year round.

No matter how big or small your business may be, there is always a need for quality professional cleaning services. A well-managed facility should be safe, hygienic, and clean throughout the year to ensure a positive purchase experience for every customer and a productive working environment for every employee.

As industry leaders of commercial cleaning, Jani-King offers professional cleaning services to offices, retailers, educational facilities, hotels, and more fueled by a longstanding reputation of providing high quality service for decades. The prestige of the Jani-King brand matched by the virtually limitless pool of potential commercial customers is what has helped make Jani-King the most profitable franchise opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs.

While families may choose to neglect their household cleaning chores until spring comes along, it’s imperative for any successful business to maintain an appealing and hygienic facility every month along the way. Owning a profitable franchise within the commercial cleaning industry allows you the opportunity to capitalize on all these benefits while also receiving the trusted support and training of a successful leader like Jani-King – a win-win scenario that reduces many of the common risks and pitfalls associated with start-up businesses.

There’s always a need for commercial cleaning services, which means there will always be a need for quality professional cleaning franchises like Jani-King. Contact your local Jani-King office to learn more about what makes Jani-King a leader in the commercial cleaning industry and how you can get started today!

How To Choose The Right Cleaning Service For You

choosing the right cleaning serviceA professional cleaning service carries the responsibility of ensuring your office, business, or other commercial space is clean, tidy, and impressive to customers while being safe and hygienic for employees and staff. With this heavy burden to bear choosing the right commercial cleaning service is crucial for obtaining the results you not only desire, but expect. Jani-King, an industry leader among commercial cleaning services, works hard to support customers and franchisees alike to pioneer our position as The King of Clean and your trusted source for professional cleaning.

  1. Quality Service

Using the latest innovations in cleaning technology and industry best practices allows Jani-King to offer the highest quality service possible every step of the way. With quality inspections and routine maintenance Jani-King ensures every job meets our stringent health and safety regulations as well as complies with local legislation for the upmost in quality service from start to finish.

  1. Customer Care

As a commercial cleaning service, our customers are the businesses and offices that serve other customers just like you. Providing local commercial buildings in your community with safe, hygienic, and clean facilities allows them to not only operate at their maximum potential but also allows the end customer to have a more enjoyable experience that will leave them coming back for more.

  1. Franchise Support

As a network of locally-owned and operated businesses, Jani-King cannot succeed without the success of each independent franchise. This is why Jani-King strives to provide franchise support for all our locations in a variety of different areas including operational training, marketing support, business development coaching, technical support, and more. The strength of Jani-King’s franchise support system is what allows each local business to consistently offer the quality service and customer care that has made Jani-King a leader in commercial cleaning.

Choosing the right commercial cleaning service can make or break a brand’s reputation, so look no further than the King of Clean – Jani-King. With decades of experience in providing quality service, customer care, and franchise support, Jani-King is a cleaning business committed to your success. Contact us to learn more about our commercial cleaning services and how you can capitalize on the growing success of the commercial cleaning industry with your very own Jani-King franchise, today!

The Battle Against Bacteria in Your Kid’s Classroom

school cleaning servicesSecond to their home, children most often spend the majority of their time at school or in their classroom. Monday through Friday children across the country grab their backpacks and head to elementary, middle, or high school classes with their fellow peers. All this time spent indoors among countless other students, teachers, and parents is one of the key reasons why classrooms have become epicenters for the spread of harmful viruses and bacteria. With less-developed immune systems and natural defenses, children can be more susceptible to germs and bacteria that they can then bring home with them and spread to unsuspecting family members.

While local schools can’t control the safety and hygiene of kids when they’re home from class for the day, providing a healthy and sterile learning environment within the educational facility is their frontline defense against the spread of viruses and bacteria. Unfortunately budget cuts and reduced spending has required many of these schools to cut back on the janitorial services required to provide this environment for students and staff.

Professional school cleaning services come as an advantageous solution to educational facilities faced with the burden of complying with local health and safety regulations while severely understaffed. Outsourcing school cleaning services to an industry leader like Jani-King is an affordable and accessible solution to keeping kids bacteria free at school and in the classroom.

Custodial work doesn’t always provide the deep cleaning needed to disinfect an educational facility, but professional school cleaning services are well-versed in the latest industry trends, products, and procedures to provide superior quality results backed by the unparalleled reputation of a national brand and industry leader.

Jani-King’s school cleaning services specialize in a wide variety of educational facilities including K-12, public schools, private schools, colleges, universities, technical schools and more. Students of all ages and backgrounds benefit from a healthy and distraction-free learning environment which helps cultivate the success of the entire school as a whole.

With the help of professional school cleaning services “cold season” can become a topic of history books for future generations rather than an annual obstacle for struggling students. Leaders in school cleaning services like Jani-King can offer your local educational facility a cost-effective alternative to outdated janitorial services while helping keep children in your local community safe and healthy all year long. Learn more about the possibilities available with Jani-King school cleaning services by visiting us online, and get the conversation on student safety started with your local school today!

Change Your Life with A New Career in the Commercial Cleaning Industry

new career opportunitiesMany hard-working Americans clock in every day for a job that leaves them emotionally stressed and financially dissatisfied by the end of the day. It can seem as though no matter how hard you work, the tireless climb up the corporate ladder is still a seemingly endless journey. With small-business management you can utilize the professional experience and individual skills you have developed over the years towards a career that’s tailored to your unique personal and financial goals. Franchise ownership is one sector of the business world that is particularly advantageous for first-time entrepreneurs thanks to reliable business models and reputable brand names.

With a franchise system, your personal skills and expertise are matched with the proven business model from major chain retailers across a variety of industries. Choosing the industry that’s the best fit for you is essential for maintaining long-term success and happiness with your new career.

A hidden gem within the growing network of franchising, the commercial cleaning industry is one of the few sectors of business that continues to see strong growth even in the face of tough economic uncertainties. Virtually every commercial space you encounter on a day-to-day basis from businesses, offices, hotels, hospitals and more requires some level of commercial cleaning – making a cleaning service franchise an advantageous way to capitalize on one of the most significant customer bases available on the market.

Starting a cleaning service franchise with an industry leader like Jani-King is your first step in getting your piece of the $100 billion dollar pie that is the cleaning services industry. In addition, The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that a professional cleaning specialist will be the fastest growing occupation over the next decade, further solidifying the long-term economic opportunities available with a cleaning service franchise.

The commercial cleaning industry is a growing field that continues to see expansion and development over the years especially with new advancements in environmentally-friendly “green cleaning” technologies and products. Have a fresh start this New Year with an innovative new career owning a cleaning service franchise for newfound personal and financial independence like never before! Learn more about the cleaning service franchise opportunities available with Jani-King by visiting us online today!

Avenues of Opportunity in an Uncertain Economy

opportunities in uncertain economyOver the past few years, the economic environment here in the U.S. has been viewed as uncertain at best, with unemployment levels, education costs, and the cost of living being increasing prevalent factors in the lives of the everyday American. Even those who have overcome the job-search struggle may find themselves unhappy with the tireless climb of the corporate ladder and its ever-increasing difficulty. Hard-working professionals who dream of the personal and financial freedom of entrepreneurship have become disheartened by the declining state of American business.

There’s good news still to come however, as unique niche industries have grown through this mess to solidify themselves as considerable players in our economic marketplace. International consulting and research firm Kline & Company has recently released a new market analysis that sheds light on the highest growing markets in today’s economy: medical/health care facilities and fast-casual restaurants.

Medical and health care facilities like assisted living centers, nursing homes, hospitals and similar businesses see continued growth even in unstable economic times as the need for a safe and healthy population is always of upmost importance. The new surge of ‘fast-casual’ restaurants like Panera and Chipotle have created an innovative new dining experience that is becoming immensely popular amongst consumers.

You might be wondering where this all fits in to your entrepreneurial dreams, since hospitals are an unrealistically expensive operation to run and since restaurants experience some of the quickest ups and downs in consumer trends. There’s a silent player that functions behind all these businesses and more – the commercial cleaning service franchise.

A cleaning service franchise with a respected industry leader like Jani-King offers you the opportunity to capitalize on the nearly $4 billion industry that the top-three segments of the janitorial and cleaning products market represent. While individuals stores and businesses may open and falter, a cleaning service franchise always remains in demand as virtually every operation is in need of a safe, clean, and sanitary environment.

Choosing a cleaning service franchise is a great way to kick start your dreams of small-business management by offering a proven business model and reliable brand image to use as your foundation, and the possibilities from there are virtually endless. From hospitality, to medical care, restaurants, offices and more, a cleaning service franchise is the perfect opportunity to tailor your entrepreneurial experience to your unique goals and aspirations. Learn more about how you can capitalize on the booming markets of today’s economy by visiting us online today!

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How Customers of All Size Make Good Companies Great

“The customer is always right”, one of the most commonly heard adages in the business world and a staple concept of superior customer service. Regardless of industry, every business relies on the relationships it maintains with its customers in order to continue providing exceptional service and a reputable brand image. All businesses are different and not every business may have the same type of “customer” but understanding the importance of these relationships is a crucial factor of success for any business.

For industry leading franchise companies like Jani-King customer satisfaction applies to not only the traditional sense of the “everyday customer” but also the business-to-business relationships that serve as the shared link between the two. At Jani-King customer satisfaction means not only supplying our business customers with the products and services they need to succeed but should also translate further into the positive, clean, safe, and hygienic experience of the end users of these businesses as well.

The range of business customers for a commercial cleaning franchise is virtually limitless, so the scope of Jani-King customer satisfaction reaches to countless industries including retail, office, healthcare, hospitality and more. The continued reputation of superior service that Jani-King provides these businesses is testament to our unmatched quality of commercial cleaning services.

In addition to providing commercial businesses with services essential to their operation, these services help foster more successful relationships for end consumers as well. Whether it be a restaurant, a hotel, or a hospital, any paying customer expects the businesses they choose to support to be clean, healthy, and sanitary every time. By working with Jani-King, businesses in your community remain compliant with local and federal health laws while providing you with a world-class experience that will leave you coming back for more.

Jani-King customer satisfaction means that every customer on our supply chain gets professional results and superior service every time. With over four decades of industry experience, Jani-King has climbed to the top of the commercial cleaning industry thanks this growing base of satisfied customers from every level. Visit us online to read first-hand reviews of the Jani-King experience and see for yourself how the commercial industry is benefiting you and your community like never before!

Super Bowl Cities Score the Ultimate Touchdown with Stadium Cleaning

University of Phoenix Stadium retractable fieldThe beginning of each year represents a fresh start to clean up old messes, create new goals for oneself and get ready for another year of celebrating long-standing American values and traditions. Second to the food and festivities that was experienced during the holiday season is another widely popular celebration, the pinnacle of American football season – the Super Bowl! Football is a traditional American sport that continues to draw thousands upon thousands of loyal fans and supporters to stadiums across the country year after year. This continued popularity amongst American travelers and tourists is one of the many reasons why football stadiums like the Superdome in Louisiana, the MetLife Stadium in New York, and The University of Phoenix Stadium in Arizona have become iconic sight-seeing destinations for their respective hometowns.

The influx of sports fanatics and wide-eyed travelers alike during football season, and for the Super Bowl in particular, has made these stadiums important economic epicenters for their cities. This year, the NFL Super Bowl XLIX hosted the New England Patriots and the Seattle Seahawks at the University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, Arizona. Local governments reap enormous benefits from the tourism and hospitality that these stadiums help generate, which are then passed on to the loyal base of locals that call the city their home.

Creating the ultimate game-day experience for a growing crowd of eager fans isn’t as easy as it sounds, and in today’s hyper-competitive world teams, stadiums, and cities across the country are all vying for a bigger piece of this economic pie.

One of the most effective ways that a new or existing stadium can continue to attract loyal fans while appealing to new tourists is with effective and efficient stadium cleaning services. Stadium cleaning services are the proverbial “icing on the cake” creating the beautiful finishing touches to a building that already sees so much creative support and dedication from its locals.

If anyone has stayed past the final buzzer to see what the aftermath of a Super Bowl game looks like, it’s definitely not a pretty picture. Leftover trash, spills, and food mess can turn a beautiful city focal point into a barren wasteland. That’s where stadium cleaning services come to help – these silent masterminds are hard at work while you’re away to ensure you return to the perfect and pristine stadium of your memories.


As the football season comes to an end and we unwind from this year’s Super Bowl festivities, stadium cleaning services in your community are working hard to keep every game day special for you, your friends, and family this holiday season. Visit us online today to learn more about how cleaning services help support your local economy by keeping stadiums, arenas, amphitheaters, concert halls and more safe, clean, and hygienic all year-round.

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What does The Jani-King Zamboni do?

Jani-King Zamboni

Through Jani-King’s sponsorship with the Dallas Stars, the company’s brand takes a ride an the Zamboni every home game at the American Airlines Center in Dallas, TX. But the question exists, what in the world is a Zamboni anyway? During an Ice Hockey game, the ice gets chewed up by the blades of the skates and creates an uneven surface for the puck to travel on. So in 1947, after years of trial and error, Frank J. Zamboni developed a machine that would scrape, wash and squeegee the ice creating a flawless sheet of ice for the hockey players to skate on.

During the entirety of a game, the Zamboni cleans nearly 3 miles of ice and with 41 home games that’s nearly 123 miles of ice Jani-King cleans with the Zamboni each season, that’s some brand exposure! If you want to drive a Zamboni there is no special license or certification needed but it isn’t made for the ultimate driving experience as the top speed is 9.7 MPH and goes from 0-1/4 mile in 93.5 seconds, so you might not want to get one of your own. All you need to do is attend a Dallas Stars hockey game and you’ll get your fill of the Jani-King Zamboni for over 16 minutes, and that’s if there isn’t overtime!

Give Yourself the Gift of Personal and Financial Freedom This Holiday Season

For hard-working professionals across the country, the holiday season comes as a much needed escape from the toils of everyday life. Time off of work during Thanksgiving and the December winter holidays offers quiet time away from the struggles of climbing the seemingly endless office ladder. This year, why don’t you give yourself a gift that will last – a new career that won’t leave you counting down the days until your next vacation.

Cleaning franchise opportunities with industry leaders like Jani-King offer aspiring entrepreneurs an affordable and accessible solution to their dreams of small-business management. Franchise ownership is a unique sector of entrepreneurship that matches motivated professionals from all different backgrounds with a reliable business model and reputable brand name. The combination of these two factors creates a mutually supportive partnership of franchisor and franchisee that reaps results for everyone involved.

In uncertain economic times, opening a business from scratch is not only difficult, but also expensive and risky as well. Starting a cleaning business with Jani-King is backed by the trusted support and training of a national brand which helps reduce many of the common pit falls experienced by first-time business owners.

Cleaning franchise opportunities in particular continue to be a popular choice for franchisees thanks to their expansive range of customers, since virtually any major facility benefits from a commercial cleaning service whether it be a shopping mall, a hospital, or an office building. The flexibility of the cleaning franchise model allows franchisees to tailor the business model to suit their own personal and financial goals – growing and expanding at your own pace, shaping your new lifestyle every step of the way.

This holiday season give yourself a gift that will keep on giving back for years to come with a newfound career in entrepreneurship with cleaning franchise opportunities like these! The New Year comes as the perfect chance for a new lifestyle that you and your loved ones can all enjoy. Personal and financial freedom backed by a proven business model of success – now that’s a happy holiday.

New Low Cost Franchise Opportunity You Will Love | Jani-King

Give Yourself Something to Be Thankful For: A New Career You Love & Enjoy

The Thanksgiving holiday is an important time of the year for households across the country to take time to remember all that we have to be grateful for, and to see the hard work of the year pay off as we look forward to a new year of unexpected adventures and changes.

For those stuck in dead-end jobs, endlessly climbing the corporate ladder with no recognition or reward – your hard work from the year may not leave you feeling very thankful. For the new year why not give yourself something you can really be thankful for, a new opportunity where your hard work can translate into newfound personal and financial freedom like never before.

Low cost franchise opportunities, like those with industry leaders like Jani-King, offer unique solutions to aspiring entrepreneurs looking for a reliable and less risky alternative to traditional small business start-up. The franchise system allows you to capitalize on the national brand image and proven business model of your company to eliminate many of the common pitfalls experienced by first-time business owners.

In particular, low cost franchise opportunities are specially designed to offer unique solutions to franchisees from a wide variety of backgrounds based on each individual’s unique needs and goals. While some of the leading franchise networks can charge upwards of $300,000 for their packages, Jani-King remains dedicated to providing individuals across the country with a low cost franchise model that continues to see growth even in today’s uncertain economy.

The commercial cleaning industry is a network of businesses and hard working professionals that truly deserve our thanks this holiday season. A thank you for keeping the facilities and businesses in our communities safe, clean, and hygienic for all to enjoy. This consistent need for quality cleaning services is what continues to drive Jani-King’s success and what makes our low cost franchise model one of the most intriguing options on the market today.

Get started today by visiting us online and getting in touch with a friendly commercial cleaning professional to learn more about the low cost franchise packages available with Jani-King, the undisputed King of Clean.

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