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Simple Steps To a Green Workplace

Jani-King leads the industry in keeping offices so fresh, clean—and even green. But taking environmentally friendly initiatives goes beyond cleaning services. Start making changes around the office that are easy to do and make all the difference. CUT DOWN ON PAPER COPIES On average, one office worker goes through 10,000 sheets of paper in a

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Four Facts About Commercial Cleaning Industry

Commercial cleaning continues to provide new entrepreneurial and employment opportunities to individuals nationwide. Get a glimpse into the industry’s countless perks and unbelievable success with just four simple facts. $100 Billion Industry: Commercial cleaning services are considered in high demand with potential for continued growth. Projected as one of the fastest growing industries in the


Jackson Franchisees Hit Their Mark

A common habit among successful people is that they make goals for themselves and write them down so that they know exactly what they are working toward. For Jackson, MS franchisees Courtney Battle, Shanika Battle and Jason Haynes, setting goals is one of their primary business practices for steadily growing their business. Their newest account

Green Cleaning

Focused On The Green Clean

With an increasing focus on environmental issues, more and more companies are focused on “going green” and exploring new methods to protect the Earth’s environment. Jani-King is one company that has not only identified with this movement, but also gone beyond it. Incorporating green initiatives into their everyday business offerings, Jani-King has taken critical steps